Conference paper on research-based learning (in German)

New article:

Decker, C., & Mucha, A. (2018).
Bridging the Gap: Vom passiven Lesen zum aktiven Forschen.
In N. Neuber, W. Paravicini, & M. Stein (Hrsg.), Schriften zur allgemeinen Hochschuldidaktik Band 3. Forschendes Lernen. The Wider View (S. 201 – 204). Münster: WTM-Verlag.

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New publication on research-based learning (in German)

New article:

Decker, C., & Mucha, A. (2018).
Forschendes Lernen lernen. Zu den didaktischen und emotionalen Herausforderungen der Integration von Lernen über, für und durch Forschung.
In die hochschullehre 4, 143 – 160.

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Conference presentation on research-based learning in corporate finance

Forschendes Lernen

On 27 September 2017, Anna Mucha and I presented our findings on a research-based learning intervention at the research conference “Forschendes Lernen – The Wider View” which took place at Wilhelms-Universität Münster.  In our presentation entitled “Bridging the Gap – From Passive Reading to Active Research”, we elaborated on an instructional design that was introduced in the Corporate Finance course of the Master of International Business Programme (M. Sc.) at HAW Hamburg. The instructional design consists of five core phases:

Phase 1: Transparent explanation of instructional design to students
Phase 2: Reception and reflection of selected seminal papers of Nobel laureates in groups of two students
Phase 3: Development of a new (own) research question
Phase 4: Exploration of the new problem
Phase 5: Presentation of (i) seminal paper and (ii) own research findings to other course participants

The instructional design helps to overcome the gap between reception of research findings (and underlying methods) on the one hand side and production (derivation) of new research findings (using newly acquired research methods) on the other hand side. Thereby, students are guided from “learning about research” via “learning for research” to “learning through research”.

In 2018, a summary of our findings will be published in the conference proceedings.

New publication on shame and failure in problem- and research-based learning scenarios (in German)

New article:

Mucha, A. & Decker, C. (2017).
(Die Angst vor) Scheitern und Scham in problemorientierten und forschenden Lehr-/Lernszenarien.
In B. Berendt, A. Fleischmann, N. Schaper, B. Szczyrba, & J. Wildt (Hrsg.), Neues Handbuch Hochschullehre. Berlin: DUZ.

Scham und Scheiter

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