Sixth AIM student poster research conference on “United Nations – Providing Stability in an Unstable World”

On Wednesday, 10 January 2018, the sixth AIM student poster research conference  took place at HAW Hamburg. 32 junior researchers enrolled in the degree programme Foreign Trade/International Management (B. Sc.) presented their research work.

The general topic of the semester was “United Nations – Providing Stability in an Unstable World”. Individual topics addressed a diverse set of aspects. The instructors awarded Tom Teubert, Selma Wünsch  and Philipp Jakubczyk with the instructor’s best poster award. Additionally, students voted for the students’ best poster award which was awarded to Umut Kaya, Yunus Yürümez and Tooba Shahid.

The posters were developed in the context of the course “Academic research and writing“. Coursework was organised by way of team teaching undertaken by our librarian Detlev Dannenberg and me as well as my student assistants Dawid Szmigielski and Serhat Akkaya.

Prof. Dr. Elvira Rosert, Institut für Friedensforschung und Sicherheitspolitik, Universität Hamburg delivered a keynote speech on “Mediation, Intervention, and Peacekeeping. The United Nations as a Provider of Peace and Security”. Attendees received an insightful and critical analysis from the perspective of a political scientist. The speech was followed by a lively discussion of selected issues.

@ Elvira Rosert: Thank you very much for visiting us!

Additional information:

The teaching concept is based on blended learning and research-based learning. The course is modelled around the concept of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Students are provided with various access points to the course contents, which can be combined or used on a standalone basis: learning videos, textbook, webinars, library excursions, tutorials, walk-in labs and poster labs support individual learning styles.

For more information on poster conferences in general see my latest article.

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