New publication on learning without fear and shame (in German)

New article:

Mucha, A., & Decker, C. (2018).
Lernen ohne Angst vor Scham – wie geht das?
In: DUZ. Deutsche Universitätszeitung (2), 69 – 71.

Link to article (restricted access):


New publication on explorative learning settings in higher education (in German)

New article:

Mucha, A., & Decker, C. (2018).
Explorative Lernumgebungen in der Hochschullehre: Eine Zumutung? In: Die Neue Hochschule (1), 28 – 29.

Die Neue Hochschule

Workshop on Digital Mastery Learning Model (DMLM)

On 2 and 3 February, Anna Mucha and I held a workshop on online courses based on the Digital Mastery Learning Model (DMLM) at HAW Hamburg, Hamburg.

Anna Mucha

The DMLM is a time-independent and decentralized virtual educational setting based on the concept of mastery learning (Bloom 1968) and modern digital learning designs. Among others, we addressed theoretical foundations, practical examples, self-concept aspects and operational implementation in Moodle.

A number of colleagues will adapt the concept in order to rework their courses and to test the new design during the summer term 2018. An evaluation will accompany the transformation process.

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