Project “Open education @ Internet 2015 – 2017”

Academic research and writing – Online learning open to the  public

I. Initial situation

Since fall 2012, various online tutorials on academic research and writing have been developed. After the successful implementation in classroom-based teaching scenarios, the decision was made to open the access to course materials via an open education website.

II. Methodical-didactical solution approach

Currently, the concept is based on three elements:

(a) E-learning

  • Plus 60 free online tutorials
  • Formative assessments in order to support the learning process
  • Community-based exchange

(b) Certificates

  • Certificates with optional examination (6 ECTS credit points)
  • Subject to charges of cooperating institution
  • More information available at: (German language)

(c) Textbook

  • Matching course book: printed book, e-book (subject to charges of publisher)
  • E-book accessible for free at university libraries with database subscription

III. Implementation

In order to facilitate project implementation, a free WordPress theme (Edin) was chosen. The theme was customized according to the conceptual requirements. Only private photos were used in order to avoid copyright problems and to save costs. Video tutorials are embedded. Streaming of video tutorials takes place via YouTube.

Full video implementation is scheduled until the end of August 2015.

Formative assessments and certificates will be realized via the plugin “WP Cues Basic Quizz”.

IV. Results

Status: Work in progress

Results will be reported as soon as available.

Free online tutorials are available at:


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