Supervisory of thesis projects

Mandatory process steps

  • Contact me via e-mail in order to check whether there is supervisory capacity in a given semester.
  • Develop your own research proposal (preliminary topic/title, aim, research question).
  • Submit your topic via e-mail and wait for my approval.
  • Prepare an exposé including (i) cover page, (ii) outline, (iii) introduction with the subchapters research problem, research methodology and course of investigation, (iv) preliminary list of references and (v) CV.
  • Submit your exposé via e-mail.
  • Wait until you receive feedback from my side.
  • If necessary, submit a revised version of the exposé.

Please note

  • Bachelor and master candidates have to satisfy all conditions precedent of the prevailing examination and study regulations (Prüfungs- und Studienordnung).
  • Predominantly, thesis projects in English and topics related to banking, finance and foreign trade will be supervised. These can also be cross-cutting issues: AI, “tech”, crypto, regulation, sustainability, leadership, new work, etc. If in doubt, please ask.
  • Formal and material rules as taught in my course academic research and writing are fully applicable for the initial exposé as well as the final thesis.
  • A thesis project is a special form of an academic assessment. The degree of autonomy while writing a thesis will be reflected in my grading.
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