Previously supervised thesis projects (selection)

The role of synergy controlling along the process of an M&A transaction

Capital adequacy framework of Basel III, implications on bank lending and potential macroeconomic effects

Funding a startup: A comparison of crowdfunding and venture capital

Crowdfunding: An alternative funding channel for non-profit organizations in comparison to traditional forms of financing

Regulation of market makers in the EU in light of the EU proposal for a financial transaction tax

Regulation of shadow banking

Crowdfunding and valuation

Project finance of CSP plants – A case-based analysis of structures and key obstacles

Regulatory reforms on OTC derivatives markets – An analysis of EMIRs impacts on the FX market

Exchange traded funds: Comparison and evaluation of physical and synthetic index replication in the European market

Visualisation of financial implications (VOFI) and its relations to the dynamic capital budgeting methods

Comparison of the suitability and impact of venture capital companies, business angels and crowdfunding as forms of financing for technology-oriented start-ups in their earliest phases

Ring-Fencing of Investment Banking – Consequences and Critical Evaluation of the Liikanen Proposal

The impact of Basel III on lending and its macroeconomic impact against the benefits of a stabilized banking system

Risk Management with Container Freight Derivatives

Forward Freight Agreements: Futures and Swaps – Possibilities to Hedge Against the Risk of Volatile Freight Rates

Shadow banking: A terminological survey

Foreign Direct Investment in Emerging Markets – Exemplified by the Case of Indonesia

Export of Renewable Energy Systems under the OECD Consensus

Sovereign Debt Crisis and Syndicated Leveraged Buy Outs

EFSF and ESM: An analysis with respect to struc­tured finance elements

Naïve diversification versus optimal asset allocation

Loan security in project finance transactions – The problem of overcollateralisation under German law

Impact of French insolvency regime on LBO acquisition structures

Availability of Terrorism Risk Insurance in the German Market

Political Risk Insurance. An analysis of the availability of PRI for German companies

Credit Default Swaps, Central Counterparties and Systemic Risk

True sale securitisation of auto loans.? An analysis of the Driver programme (Volkswagen Bank GmbH)

EU Regulation of Credit Rating Agencies in the Aftermath of the Financial Crises

Synthetic Securitization of Project Finance Portfolios

Circular Credit Risk Management. A Com­pa­ri­son of VR Circle and WGZ Loop

Whole Business Securitisation

Project Finance under the OECD Consensus Framework

Political Risk and Project Finance: An Analysis of the Dabhol Power Plant Project

Commodity Futures, Non-speculative Hedging Strategies and Coffee Trading