Project “Online course @ WINGS 2013”

Investition und Finanzierung [Investment and Finance] – Authoring of an online course

I. Initial situation

Wismar International Graduation Services GmbH (WINGS) is a subsidiary of Hochschule Wismar, University of Applied Sciences, Technology, Business and Design that offers distance education degree programmes.

In 2011 and 2012, the launch of the following three new online programmes was prepared:

B.A. Betriebswirtschaft [General Management]
B.A. Management von Gesundheitseinrichtungen [Management of Health Facilities]
B.A. Management von Non Profit Organisationen [Management of Non-Profit Organisations]

As author and nominated instructor, I developed the materials for the course “Investition und Finanzierung” [Investment and Finance]. The course is a compulsory element of all three online degree programmes.

II. Methodical-didactical approach

The methodical-didactical approach encompassed the following predefined elements:

  • Study guide (PDF)
  • Introductory e-learning video
  • Interactive e-learning videos with embedded formative assessments
  • Exercise booklets (PDF)
  • Teaching guide (PDF)

Physical presence is substituted by online tutorials using Adobe Connect®.

All course materials and life events can be accessed via a learning management system (Moodle).

III. Syllabus

The course content was divided into the following eight chapters:

Kapitel 0: Einführung in das Modul
[Chapter 0: Course introduction]
Net running time: 18 minutes

Kapitel 1: Finanzwirtschaftliche Grundlagen
[Chapter 1: Financial fundamentals]
Net running time: 143 minutes

Kapitel 2: Systematisierung der Finanzierung
[Chapter 2: Systematisation of finance]
Net running time: 171 minutes

Kapitel 3: Liquidität und Cashflow
[Chapter 3: Liquidity and cash flow]
Net running time: 90 minutes

Kapitel 4: Finanzierungsregeln und Finanzkennzahlen
[Chapter 4: Rules for financing and financial ratios]
Net running time: 65 minutes

Kapitel 5: Einlagen- und Beteiligungsfinanzierung
[Chapter 5: Equity capital]
Net running time: 107 minutes (together with Stephan Beier)

Kapitel 6: Kreditfinanzierung
[Chapter 6: Credit financing]
Net running time: 108 minutes

Kapitel 7: Investitionsrechnung
[Chapter 7: Investment appraisal]
Net running time: 115 minutes

Kapitel 8: Zusammenfassung und Klausurvorbereitung
[Chapter 7: Rehearsal and exam preparation]
Net running time: 37 minutes

IV. Operational realisation

All chapters include graphical animations with voiceover, sequences with personal appearances of the author and quizzes. The technical production was realised by deploying an authoring tool.

The online course has successfully been in operation since the summer term 2013.

The methodical-didactical conception and technical production were realised on a private basis, i.e. without public funding and outside of regular working hours.

V. Results

Time and effort spent on production was substantially reduced, because previous experiences were incorporated into the course design.

Meanwhile all of the three degree programmes have successfully been accredited by the accreditation agency FIBAA.

The online course was developed in a way that course materials can be used in other didactical scenarios as well.

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