Third AIM student poster research conference on International Health Economics

On June 15, 2016 the third AIM student poster research conference took place at HAW Hamburg. Together with co-instructor Fabian Frielitz and student assistants Dawid Szmigielski and Serhat Akkaya, we organised the printing and hanging of the students’ posters.

The topic of this semester’s conference was “International Health Economics”. 28 posters addressed various aspects of the fast evolving health sector from an international perspective.

Dean Dr. Pape awarded Faidil Akbar, Kim Anna Kempendorf, Christian Kleeblatt, Falk Stegenwallner, Hamlet Tovmasyan, and Sönke Wallbaum with the instructor’s best poster award.

Co-instructor Fabian Frielitz gave a presentation on the status quo of the health sector, linking latest developments to the research findings documented on students’ posters.

We would like to thank Dean Dr. Pape as well as all visitors and students for participating in the event!

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